Medi Credit/Unsecured Loan

Cash flow finance at your fingertips, you might be surprised but there are many options available to Healthcare professionals for access to business secured or unsecured lines of credit or overdrafts:

Funds can be available within two business days from signing the loan documents.

Product Features include:


  •  Variable or fixed interest rates

  •  No set principle repayments (subject to lender product)

  • Only pay interest on what you use

  • Generally, there is no security required

  • Secured overdrafts obviously provide you with a higher limit, if and when you need it.

Unsecured Overdrafts can range from as little as $50,000 or as much as $500,000,
subject to the applicants.

Balance Sheet Company Director Debt Capital repayment is also available as a term loan, this can have significant tax advantages.