Dental/Medical Premises Finance 

There are many options available to you for buying a property for medical, dental and vet practice, with flexible finance options.

For example, subject to the property we can fund the purchase of a residential property used for commercial purposes with residential rates.

We can finance up to 100% of the purchase price, without requiring additional security.

Construction loans are also available when you prefer to design and construct your practice.

  • Owner Occupied Practice Property

  • Borrower up to 100% of the property purchase price (subject to approval)

  • Loans from 15-30 years, Principal and Interest and Interest Only

  • Fixed or variable rate options

  • Line of credit available (subject to approval)

  • Interest In Advance option

  • Simultaneous Fit-Out approval

Construction Option FAQ


  • Can the GST component be funded on the property? Yes, which then you’ll claim back. (Accountant Advice is Recommended)

  • How Long will this project take? Each project is different, size, complexity, location, DA Approvals, legal requirements etc, therefore times vary

  • How does a construction loan work? First, you must have all your plans and approvals in place, then your selected builder (carefully select the builder). Construction loans can vary depending on the funder. You can download our construction guide here…

  • QS – Quantity Surveyor? They calculate the amount of materials needed for building work and the total cost. They ensure the project is progress within budget and completed to plan. This ensures the progress payments for the building work are inline with costs an protects both the you and the lender.

  • How important is the builder? Very important, although you can chose your own builder we strongly recommend a builder with prior experience and knowledge in healthcare practices and construction. This can save you time and money. Experienced builders understand specific needs of your patient and staff flow, gas and water pipes, walls for imaging, and the importance of sterile spaces. And just like a specialist broker, they understand your workday, your team and your business.