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Residential Loans (90% - 100%) Without LMI

MediLend offers you a wide range of home and investment loan products together with Asset Protection and Investment Strategies.

We can offer LVR (Loan to Valuation Ratio) up to 90% - 100% of the Purchase Price without LMI (Loan Mortgage Insurance) saving you thousands of dollars.

Tailoring finance/loans and offering you a wide range of alternatives is imperative not only for product options but also for diversifying your assets used as security. Knowing when to cross-collateralise and when not to is important that's why at MediLend we offer our own mortgage products and accreditations with bank and non-bank financial institutions.

Talk to us about our whole-sale mortgage product specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

MediLend products include 100% - 105% finance, fixed rate lines of credit and major bank professional packages.

MediLend can provide you with one of our products or any other bank or non-bank institution depending on your needs, we are not dedicated to one lender or product like other finance institutions, this provides you with the power to obtain the most suitable product at a low interest rate.

At MediLend our tailored solutions include finance for investment or owner occupied residential property at low variable rates, interest only, split or lines credit, including fixed lines of credit.

Our unique Loyalty Package offers members discounts, rebates, FREE subscriptions, FREE property information and seminar evenings.