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From 90% - 100%  finance without mortgage insurance, for residential & commercial property to asset finance, practice Equipment, fit-out...etc


Medical & Dental Industry

Healthcare Industry 

Legal Industry

Other Professionals


Our Model is simple, see our criteria which qualifies clients for our Loyalty Package.


MediLend was established primarily to offer the healthcare industry and its affiliates a finance alternative to your traditional lenders, due to market and mortgage policy changes we can also offer the same flexible mortgage policy to Accountants, Lawyers/Solicitors and Engineers. 

Offering a unique market approach by delivering to the market a range of finance options, from our wholesale mortgage products to your traditional bank and non-bank loan products. This provides our clients with a diverse range of finance options for mortgages and loan products. We ensure our clients diversify their risk by not delivering only one product brand from one bank or lender.

We service a niche industry client base;

Our primary focus is to provide creative finance solutions by using innovative ideas, structures and obtaining the most competitive interest rate for our clients.

Our accounting & finance background provides our people & associates with the knowledge and know how to deliver our clients a complete range of loan products, from high LVR (90%-100% of purchase price) home and investment loans without LMI to 90-100% commercial loan products to property advice, income-tax, investment structures and planning.

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MediLend Expands Loyalty Package benefits by offering FREE subscriptions and FREE Property Seminars.